Ron Radwanski – Artists Bio

 A native of Pennsylvania, he was born second generation Ukranian to a steelworker father and Slavic homemaker mother. He spent his youth in the multicultural and ethnic steel town of Aliquippa. He attended The Art Institute and La Roche College, both in Pittsburgh, and graduated with a BS in Design. He has lived in Miami, New York City and presently resides in Dallas, TX.

An accomplished artist, his conceptual contemporary paintings are primarily acrylic on gallery border canvas and birch wood cubic and tower forms. His work, however, continues to evolve over the years, from linear and multi-dimensional design to his present works of fluid and energetic compositions. The addition of 24k gold, silver, bronze and copper enhance the bright iridescent, jewel and neutral palettes alike.

Radwanski writes; “I’m truly excited by a blank canvas. It presents the opportunity to initiate white space into uniform and flowing design in neutrals and vibrant colors…it ultimately excites and challenges the viewer to see beyond the simple, and make sense of the complex.”

His works are collected internationally.