Jacquelyn Kresman – Artists Bio

 Born in 1951, and a native of San Diego, CA, Jacquelynn Kresman studied Oceanography and Marine Biology at the renowned Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla, CA. Her scientific background enhances her art, making it extremely true to form. Over time, she developed a unique style of super realism in her expression of the sea.

For Kresman, the ocean and seashore are not only inspirational from a scientific viewpoint, but a spiritual and artistic one as well. She writes; “As one walks along the ocean’s shore, a total experience takes place. One looks at the sand, the crashing waves and the shoreless horizon. I take all of these elements and present them simultaneously. Though not a traditional technique, it is very effective and creates a wide-angle perspective…a feeling that you are there.”

Employing a glazing technique reminiscent of the great Renaissance painters, Kresman’s paintings achieve a lustrous, pearl-like quality, as if they were illuminated from within. Precision brushwork captures the detail from the foam and froth of the surf down to the very grains of sand. Her depictions of marine life uncover the marvelous minute and lively world of the tide pools; sea urchins, mollusks, starfish and crabs, all beneath the water’s surface.

Kresman has been nationally featured for her work in national magazines, including Southwest Art, Art West, Art News, and Connoisseur.