C. Sherry – Artists Bio

A child of the Chinese cultural revolution, Sherry was born in Szechuan, China in 1966, a period void of any advancement in science and culture in which many families were disrupted by the Communist regime. Both her parents were scientists and the family was exiled to a remote farming village. Not to be deterred, her mother took Sherry, then a few months old, and her five-year-old sister, into hiding.

To find ways to learn, Sherry began to draw at age 6. Upon noticing her daughter’s talent, her mother searched for instruction, and found a teacher in a nearby province. Her teacher began to show Sherry a drawing style that is embodied in her work today.

Two years after the end of the Cultural Revolution, Sherry, then 12, passed the qualifying exam and became the youngest student in the school’s history at the internationally famous Szechuan Fine Art Institute. Upon graduation in 1981, she was accepted at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

From 1981-1985, Sherry studied and absorbed the culture and art history of both China and the Western world from every source available. She learned from, and was influenced by, both historical and contemporary artists. She continued her studies in graduate school and taught classes, until an opportunity arose to study in the US, at the University of South Carolina.

This was a new experience for Sherry. While at USC, she embraced the imagination, freedom of expression and openness of American teaching . Her participation in school activities and art events brought her many rewards and citations. She completed her MA in 1989.

Sherry has won widespread acclaim after her work was exhibited across the United States, Mexico, and Japan. Her acrylics have been re-created as fine art posters by a major publishing house and her illustrations have been prominent in a number of children’s books, magazines and newspapers. Her museum-quality oil paintings are in collections throughout the United States and Europe. She is represented exclusively by OBernier Gallery.

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